Intro to Business Q&As: Maya Fitzgerald – Why Not?

Members: Maya Fitzgerald, Mackenzie Mayo, Raegan Price, Nolan Bateson, Addison Zint, Ella Sanford, Joaquin Dorado

Product: Cards

Grade: 11

Why should somebody buy from your business? 

“It brings awareness to mental health. And, if you want to brighten someone’s day and make sure that they know you appreciate them, it’s a good way to show appreciation.”

How did you decide on the product(s) you’re selling? 

“Our first thought was to do something with cards, like for special occasions or birthdays, and then we narrowed it down to cards for any occasion.”

What has the planning process looked like so far? What’s next? 

“We’ve been working a lot on our website and how we [were] going to have people pay for the orders. We are trying to make it more online so people don’t have to go somewhere and it will be convenient for them. Our next steps are figuring out payment methods and getting our business launched.”

Explain how your business is similar to a real business.

“All of us have to work together but also have separate roles where we are in charge of a specific part of our company, but we all come together and work together to figure out problems and solutions to issues.”

What does teamwork look like for your business? 

“A lot of our teamwork has been brainstorming ideas and making sure everyone’s voices are heard, and everyone’s ideas are thought [through] so we can have the best for our customers.”

What “real world” skills have you learned from Intro to Business? 

“Being the manager for my business has helped me have more confidence and see how everyone in a business works together to get the end product that they want.”

If you encountered a grizzly bear in nature, how would you respond? 

“I would run the other way.”

What’s your favorite word?


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