Prom Court Q&As 2023: Thomas Carano

What was your reaction to the court announcement?

“To be completely frank, it was the most random thing in the world. I was not expecting it whatsoever. It was fifth hour [and] I was in [AP] Statistics class. We were just hanging out and [my classmates were] like ‘Oh I guess they’re going to announce court today.’ I [was] assuming not a lot of people voted for me, so I was going to see what happened. I heard a couple [of] people were voting for me, so there was a little part of my brain that was [thinking] maybe a lot of people voted, but I wasn’t really expecting much. Then I got voted and I was like ‘Holy Moly’, it was cool.”

How do you feel about being on court?

“Honestly, it’s cool, it’s a box checked off. It’s something that I’ve always sort have wanted to do at least once. I’m going to be out of school really soon, [and] it’s going to be really cool to look back and [remember] this was one of the last big events of my high school career, and it’s something positive, and it’ll be fun. I’m really excited.”

What’s a goal you want to accomplish after senior year? 

“A goal [I have for] post-school year into the summer [is] probably going to be general preparation for college. I’m going to be going into computer science at Michigan,  [and] it’s going to be pretty hard and work-heavy. I’m going to be light prepping, seeing what course loads and possible things I can study [like] learning a different coding [and] language, stuff like that.”

Do you have any special plans for prom night you’re excited for? 

“To be honest, not really, I have no special plans. I’m going to go to prom, [and] I’m going to hang out with friends and probably do some stuff after, but I’m not like organizing a parade or some big entourage.”

What’s your favorite comfort food?  

“My favorite comfort food is Cheez-Its. I have loved Cheez-Its since I was one year old. [It’s] literally my all-time favorite snack. No matter what context [and] setting [I’m in], I can always eat Cheez-Its and enjoy them.”

How likely are you to succeed in a zombie apocalypse? 

“I’ve come to terms with this: I’m not going to live in a zombie apocalypse, at least for a point in time. Maybe [I’d survive for] a couple of months. I think a couple of months is very doable, but past that, it would get a little rough. My survival skills against zombies I don’t think would be up to par [because] I don’t exactly have the weapons that would help me against the zombies. I would hide away in a forest somewhere until they get me.”

What’s your favorite senior year memory?

“This was with the Ski team and we were up at Caberfae, there’s a hotel that is related to the resort and normally, we don’t most years before big meets up north like regionals, we stay at that hotel and it was lights out, we were all about to go to bed [and] it was around 10 o’clock. Freshman year, some guys faked being a cat in the hall and a bunch of guys this year wanted to continue that. I remember hanging out and hearing the loudest most distinct “Meow” all the way down the hall. Three of my three teammates sprint out and everyone was like ‘Oh my god Sarah, (who’s our coach) there’s a cat in the hallway’ and then everyone starts meowing from their rooms. She didn’t get really mad, she thought it was really funny.”

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