Prom Court Q&As 2023: Erika Trisch

What was your reaction to the court announcement?

“Honestly, I didn’t know I was on court. They announced them over FX, and I wasn’t paying attention, then all of my friends and people in the halls came up to me to congratulate me and tell me. The support was so unreal and truly, I felt honored to be a part of such a cool last memory to close out my senior year.”

How do you feel about being on court?

“It makes me so incredibly honored and happy to be a part of the court. It’s such a cool way to end senior year and definitely, a story I’ll tell my kids one day. I’ve always been a girly girl and growing up, in movies, you always see people make such a big deal about prom queens or being on court, so being elected is making my inner child scream right now.”

What’s a goal you want to accomplish after senior year?

“My biggest goal after senior year is to keep growing as a person and figure out where life’s going to take me. And, of course, meet new people along the way although leaving the ones here is going to be a very sad day.”

Do you have any special plans for prom night you’re excited about?

“My prom group is really big and our whole grade is coming together, so I’m really excited about that. Honestly, having a good time with everyone, especially my girl friends, is my main goal for the night: to end senior year [with] a special night.”

What’s your favorite comfort food?

“My favorite comfort food is definitely grilled cheese. I love anything with carbs and cheese and the one from Starbucks is absolutely to die for. It’s kind of become a thing in my friend group, regardless of the time of day, we will all go to Starbucks to get their grilled cheese. But, they sell out so fast, so it’s easier to get them earlier in the day.”

How likely are you to succeed in a zombie apocalypse?

“I would not survive long at all. You can ask anyone who knows me. In a situation like that, I’d be one of the first to go, if I’m being honest.”

What’s your favorite senior year memory?

“There are so many, but one of my top ones was senior spring break. Our whole class came together and we had such a fun week in Mexico. It was absolutely beautiful and really a great way to finish the year. I want to definitely go back soon.”

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