Film Fest Q&As 2023: Evan Farber

Film: Bogdan

Grade: 12th

What is the premise of your film?

The main character Bogdan finally finds true love, but as soon as it came to him it got taken away by the Joker. In his rage, Bogdan becomes Batman. Can Bogdan end up saving the day?

Without spoiling, what should the audience expect to see?

Lots of action mixed in with some comedy on the side.

How did your group come up with the idea for your film?

My costume this Halloween was Batman, so we thought it would be kinda funny to make a Batman film, but Manders said we should put our own spin on it and that’s how we came up with Bogdan.

What has the planning and filming process looked like?

It’s been a lot of improvisation on our part. Before filming, we completely scrapped our original script and kind of just talked about how we wanted it to go and how we should do it. Probably not the best way to make a film but it worked out well in the end.

What’s been your favorite part about creating Bogdan?

The best part is definitely filming. It’s a lot of fun just going to different places to film with your team and messing around and eventually getting to work.

How did you choose the actors/actresses?

The majority of our characters are played by our team, we’d switch on and off who’s working the camera depending on who’s in the scene. We had two acquaintances play robbers, but that’s about it. It mainly focuses on three characters so there wasn’t much need for extras.
What’s one word to describe your film?

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