Honorable Mention interview: Kade Shomin

Kade Shomin

All-Conference Honorable Mention

Grade: Senior

Position: Cornerback

Who has helped you improve this season and what kind of impact have you made on this team?

This season has been my best season yet, due to our great coaching staff and teammates around me. They make it fun to practice and teach us skills that will help us do better on our game days. I’ve had multiple picks and scored on multiple occasions, along with a fair share of tackles to contribute to this team’s success.

What kind of mindset do you bring into the game on defense?

The mindset that I bring to the table is one that I just won’t lose and I know that the guys don’t want to lose around me either. This helps me get in a zone and put myself in situations that will help us win and I capitalize on them.

What is your favorite memory from this year?

My favorite memory is beating Mona Shores who was such a great football team.

What are you going to take away from this season?

I’m going to take away that working hard, both individually and as a team is definitely worth it and it pays out in the end. I’m also going to take away that no matter how awful something is, like going to practice everyday, if you embrace the suck, it will only make you better.

What are you looking forward to this weekend and the last couple days of your season?

In our last game(s), I am extremely excited to hopefully make it to the state championship, and even better go and win it. I also want to leave everything out on the field for these last couple games.

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