OK White All-Conference interview: Tate Hallock

Tate Hallock

OK White All-Conference

Grade: Junior

Position: WR/DB

Why has this season been the best season yet and how have you contributed individually?

This season has been the best one yet because of the chemistry of the team and the brother I share this team with. This is a player driven team and we have no outcasts. We are all together on almost everything and it’s the most unselfish team i’ve ever been on. Individually i’ve given the best I can each and every game to help my team get a win. I couldn’t have done anything without my teammates helping me through everything that I do.

What does it mean for FHC to have so many players recognized as AC or Honorable Mention?

It means a lot for FHC to have so many guys recognized. We all deserved it and all the guys who only got Honorable Mention easily could’ve gotten AC. It shows how talented our team is. We have those good players that can change and lead a team.

What is your best memory of the season this far?

My best memory of this season would be the game winner I caught against West Ottawa. As a team, probably beating Mona Shores. That was the most exciting game i’ve ever played in.

What are you going to take away from this year?

We embraced the suck. We fought through the tough times and even overcame them. We always believed in each other. It’s never over until the clock says zero.

What are you looking forward to in this last game(s)?

I’m looking forward to playing really disciplined and doing our one-eleventh. I want to get that ring.

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