OK White All-Conference interview: Isaac Torrey

Isaac Torrey

OK White All-Conference

Grade: Senior

Position: FB/MLB

Being a senior captain, how have you helped lead this team this season?

As part of the team, I try my best to lead by example rather than tell other what to do. I think seeing how to work hard is a lot easier to understand than someone telling you what to do.

What does it mean for so many players to be recognized as All-Conference or Honorable Mentions?

I think we have a lot of very talented, hard working kids on our team that earned their titles, and it’s cool to see some of the guys get recognition. For me, getting AC is an honor but I like seeing the team succeed even more.

What is your favorite memory from this season to this point?

My favorite memory from this season so far is beating Mona Shores for the district title. A lot of people doubted us and it feels good to prove them wrong.

What is your advice to next year’s leaders?

My advice to next year’s senior leaders is to bring the guys on the team closer together, have hangouts during the summer, and get to know one another. It’s a lot easier pushing yourself and trying your best during games when you know the guys around you that you’re doing it for and with.

What kind of mindset do you bring into this weekend’s game against Livonia Franklin?

We will all bring a very similar mindset to the game this weekend as we usually do. It’s important for us to be focused and know that if everyone does their one-eleventh, we will do the best we can. We’ve played talented teams before and we know how to keep our heads in the game no matter what.

What does it mean to you that you’re a captain of one of the best teams in FHC’s history?

I’m glad I have the opportunity to play with such a great group of guys. It’s a once in a lifetime experience to be apart of something like this and I try to be thankful while enjoying every minute of it.

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