Stick With Me

As part of teacher Jared Lowe’s Intro to Business class, students Cam Deines, Jacob Carlson, Nic Vermeulen, Charles Kerr, and Q Collins are attempting to bring humorous stickers to FHC’s student body through their company Stick With Me.

The group came together through their assignment to create a company that would make and sell a product for profit. After long hours of brainstorming what their product should be, they eventually decided to make stickers that appeal to the student body.

“Right now, we’re been putting out funny ones like “Sherbs 2020″ and stuff like that,” Q said. “They’re funny stickers that you can put on your car or laptop or anything of that sort.”

The group says that one of the challenges they faced was budgeting and figuring out a pricing model that allowed them to profit. They had to calculate how to price the stickers according to how much they spent on production and are now focused on advertising and selling the product.

“Once we actually got the product in, we made a commercial, and we also made flyers that we just put up today all around the school,” Q said. “We have pretty much everything set in place, now we just need to order [even more] stickers because they’re in pretty high demand.”

The group has high hopes for the future of Stick With Me and believes that their stickers will continue to sell rapidly as they get more in stock. The stress that comes with handling their own business is obviously a challenge to deal with, but they believe that they can persevere and turn a profit in the end.

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