The Section

Leadership, marketing, and gaining valuable first-hand business experience are all parts of FHC’s Intro to Business class taught by teacher Jared Lowe.

FHC students Daniel Deindorfer, Amit Grewal, Jake Hornbeck, and Brandon Kirkman have created a t-shirt business that is directly targeting the student body of FHC. Their company, The Section, is selling t-shirts with the goal of uniting the student section at sporting events.

“We really needed some inspiration,” Daniel said. “We kind of looked around on the wall, and we saw somebody with a cool shirt on. We thought, “Hey, why don’t we make a specific FHC t-shirt for the student section.a��”

The Section crew will be selling their t-shirts at all three lunches for $10 each. When the selling will actually begin is to be determined. The Section also hopes to sell their shirts at games and are seeking approval for that.

Along with the goal of simply getting their shirts made and shipped, The Section also wanted the company they went through to be Grand Rapids-based and have a cause.

“We looked online [because] we wanted to have a cause too, so we’re using Ambrose at Windcat,” Daniel said. “It actually employs people from the inner-city, gets them a job, and just helps out the community.”

The Section is not the only group who thought t-shirts would be a good idea for a business at FHC. There is another group from Intro to Business also selling t-shirts that feature famous Grand Rapids sights.

“We’re not really worried about the other competition,” Daniel said. “It’s not really the same kind of shirts as us; we’re more sports-based with the student section. Also, we’ve talked a little bit to the head of the student section, Grant Bardelli, and he might do a little thing for us. It’s going to be focused on basketball and hockey games.”

Although the ultimate goal is to sell the shirts, The Section hopes to have all FHC students buy them and wear them at winter sporting events this year.

“That’s kind of our goal we’re hoping [for],” Daniel said. “I have some connections in FX for the marketing, and then we’re going to put it around school. I think Grant mainly is our biggest [assistant], and he’s going to try to [put together] a “Section” out for a basketball game. Maybe we’ll even have players wear them; we’ll see how it goes.”

With all of the members of The Section’s team working together, they are working on advertising as many ways as possible and using methods that appeal to students, such as on social media.

“Our business plan is mainly just to advertise in as many ways as we can using social media,” Daniel said. “I think the biggest thing is going to be advertising; then once we get a good amount of people on board, the sales will follow.”

Daniel has some advice for all students.

“Just buy the shirts,” Daniel said. “Buy the shirts.”

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