Against the decision

Against the decision

The cat has been let out of the bag; the savior of all students, Class Choice, will not be an option this coming semester. Class Choice has been an option for all of my high school career. I’ve spent many summers switching out of boring, easy, and class repeats. I have also been able to manipulate my schedule in a way where I can have at least one class with one friend, or switch my lunch around.

From the perspective of a student, Class Choice is an extremely helpful and innovative tool. My schedule is my schedule. When I am able to click a button and see all my options in one list for classes, I feel at ease. I can take the time and work with the Class Choice algorithm. When options are a click away it makes the whole process much more efficient.

Without the option of Class Choice, counselors will soon be bombarded with a surplus of cluttered inboxes and voicemails. On top of that mess, their schedules will soon fill up to the brim, putting a handful of students in jeopardy. What will happen to the student who needs guidance on scheduling issues? Scheduling with a counselor can already be a frustrating loophole as it is.

Class choice has been a liberator, giving ultimate power to the students. There are no lines, no waiting period; it’s simply a click away. If there is a problem with over-scheduling, the technology just needs a boost. When Class Choice is stripped away from students, even for the duration of only a few days in the summer, peers bellow in dissatisfactory uproars. That rumble of an outcry will only be more severe if Class choice is stripped away before the beginning of the semester– or forever.

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