Lantern Coffee Bar and Lounge

October 16, 2015


Walking up to the Lantern Coffee Bar and Lounge, I was attracted by the bitter and sweet smell of coffee. The door was held wide open, making me feel welcomed. I heard a slight sound of music in the background, the type of music that was nothing like what the radio plays. It was more of an alternative, indie type of music, the type of music that is really unknown to a lot of people, it was a good change for my ears to listen to. The first thing I noticed was the genuine smiles greeting me at the door, and walking further in I went towards the menu wall. When I finally decided on what I wanted to drink, I went to the cashier; however, while I was ordering my drink, I was distracted by a mural right across the street. There were windows on each side of the door that opened up to the street, showcasing the beautiful art.

Once I was done ordering my mocha I went to sit down but there were no chairs or tables. I looked around and there were none to be seen. I looked towards the cashier confused, she simply smiled and nodded her head towards the stairs. I followed her instructions and headed down the stairs.

When I reached the bottom, I could not help but stand there and just stare at my surroundings. To my right there was a little wood podium which seated a generous amount of people furnished with couches and comfy looking chairs. But right above all of this, there was a huge, grand looking chandelier that glistened in the light. I could not help but notice how this sparkling, light fixture was taking all of my attention. It was like a diamond in the rough, the wood paneling on the floor, the piping and venting showing on the ceiling to the brick walls covered on each side. They were all giving off an industrial vibe while this chandelier was giving off a more elegant vibe, complete contrasts that somehow seemed to work.

I moved further into the room, where the lighting was very dim and seemed to add to the whole environment. I sat on a high table that was right next the brick wall, which presented bright colored art that brightened up the room. There were tons of tables with dimly lit lamps seating people working independently working on their laptops or socializing with the people around them.

Overall, the environment of the cafe is great place for study dates or even just a nice hangout with friends. I really enjoyed the different atmosphere, since not most coffee bars are like this one. I found this place to be a one of a kind, that is needed to be experienced by all types of people. It exceeded my expectations and hopes, and I definitely see myself in the future going there again.

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    Mr. WatterworthOct 21, 2015 at 12:21 pm

    Good article. Makes me want to check it out. THanks