Matt Wilson – DePauw University


Matt Wilson


Depauw University

Why did you choose DePauw as your final destination?

I chose DePauw because it made the most sense from a holistic approach in regards to swim, academics, and overall opportunity.

What was the turning point that made you want to swim in college?

I’ve always seen myself swimming in college. I’m at a point where I’m in love with the sport and have more in the tank.

What is your favorite moment from swimming career?

My favorite moment has to be anytime I get a chance to swim with or watch other kids who give me a learning opportunity for the sport.

What is your biggest goal once you get to DePauw?

My biggest goal easily is to show up and make nationals my first year and hopefully, by senior year, win something.

Describe your journey from early swim experiences to now.

As a young swimmer, you do it because your parents are making you or you just love the kids on the team. I hit a point around my sophomore year where I started doing it for the love of the sport. Now, if I’m not improving, I’m learning, and if I am improving, I still find a way to learn something.

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