Madeline Becker – Grand Valley State University


Madeline Becker


Grand Valley State University

Why did you choose Grand Valley as your final destination?

Grand Valley was my first college visit and I knew right away that I wanted to go here. I’ve known the soccer coach prior to recruiting and have always liked him, the class sizes are great for more one on one learning, the campus is beautiful, and I get to be close to my family.

What was the turning point that made you want to play soccer in college?

I’ve always known that I wanted to continue my soccer career in college. I haven’t really considered anything else besides that; it’s always been my goal.

What is your favorite moment from soccer career?

My favorite moment from soccer has to be winning States last year with RGSO. We had such an amazing journey to get there, and to be able to do it with my friends made it even better.

What is your biggest goal once you get to Grand Valley?

My biggest goal once at Grand Valley is taking us back to the National Championship.

Describe your journey from early soccer experiences to now.

My very first soccer experiences were playing pass in the backyard with my family and my parents forcing me to shoot with both of my feet and having me practice headers. From then, I went to play on the typical YMCA and AYSO teams. Once my team got too old for AYSO we moved to Crew Juniors and I have been there ever since. A lot of the girls I played with at that young age are still on my team today, and we are truly like sisters. Playing for RGSO was such a great experience that I will never forget. It was always the most exciting part of the year because it was a break from club soccer and I had the chance to play with other girls and have a different coach. Club soccer now has taken me all over the US and allowed me to travel and compete at very high levels. I am very thankful for all of these experiences and that I get to have new ones at Grand Valley.

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