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Emma Yoder


Slippery Rock University

Why did you choose Slippery Rock as your final destination?

I knew Slippery Rock University was the school for me on my first visit there- even though I didn’t commit for another couple of months and another visit. Immediately, I knew the atmosphere of the university and the soccer team was one I could see myself in. The people are so kind and the education program is one of the best. I love the Slippery Rock area because it is rural and small town, but the university itself has about 8,000 students. I play soccer to have fun, so for me, the big decision was not to play Division 1, but instead play Division 2 where I can play all four years and not have it be my life. Slippery Rock was all around the best place for me, and I am so excited for the fall!

What was the turning point when you decided to play soccer in college?

My sophomore year I was going back and forth between not playing soccer and playing Division 1 soccer. I finally decided to play soccer in college because when I imagined my future, I couldn’t imagine not playing soccer. At the same time, I didn’t want soccer to become my life, so I chose a happy medium for me and chose to play Division 2 soccer. Playing Division 2 will allow me to still have the rush of playing, but also have a great life off the field.

What has been your favorite moment in your soccer career?

My favorite moment in my soccer career so far was winning States last year. I can still remember every minute of that game. The moment that I will always remember was after the final whistle; I look over, and my best friend, Emma Hall, was sprinting towards me to celebrate. It was exactly like the movies where time slows down and the people are sprinting to each other; it was really funny, and we were cracking up. It really meant a lot to me because Emma and I supported each other so much, and we are best friends and to be able to win states with her and a team you love is so amazing.

What is your biggest goal that you want to accomplish at Slippery Rock?

At Slippery Rock, I just want to help the team win a championship. I hope I can come in and be a presence in the goal and earn a starting spot.

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