Kelli Bailey – Kent State University


Kelli Bailey


Kent State University

Why did you choose Kent State as your final destination?

I chose Kent State because it was a perfect length away from home and it was a big school. I was interested being apart of their lacrosse team.

What was the turning point that made you want to play lacrosse in college?

The turning point for me to decide that I wanted to play lacrosse in college was when I was playing varsity as a freshman, which not a lot of girls do. It gave me hope that if I try hard enough, I can play in college.

What is your favorite moment from lacrosse career?

My favorite moment in my lacrosse career would be meeting some of my best friends and winning games with them.

What is your biggest goal once you get to Kent State?

My biggest goal when I get to Kent State is trying to get a good spot on the team. This program is a pretty new program, so getting a spot on the team is my goal.

Describe your journey from early lacrosse experiences to now.

All of my family played lacrosse when they were children or still did when I was a child, which made me want to do it even more. My brother really pushed me to be the player I am today with all the help of my family.

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