The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

Humans of FHC: Cole Kaminski

“She was new in eighth grade. She walked in late because she was on a vacation so she came to school a month late. She had really poofy hair. It went from her shoulders all the way up, and she had glasses, and I thought her glasses were cute. She was always writing in a notebook, and she sat clear across the room from me so every day I could see her scribbling in her notebook. I still don’t know what she was writing. She won’t tell me. It just kind of bothered me more and more every day, what she was writing. I don’t remember how I started a conversation, but I started something about her notebook. So we started talking.

I was actually afraid to talk to her. For obvious reasons. I couldn’t pronounce her last name, Salas. It sounded weird to me for some reason, so I called her Salad. And that was the way I made myself brave to talk to her.”


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