The three-day Halo Top Diet: Introduction

People everywhere have been buzzing about “The Most Popular Pint of Ice Cream in America” – Halo Top Ice Cream. This ice cream seems like the be all and end all of frozen desserts. This treat ranges from 280 to 360 calories a pint. On top of low calories, the ice cream is packed with protein and is low in sugar.

A recent fad on the Internet has been the “Halo Top Diet.” Since this ice cream is a healthy alternative for the traditional treat, could it possibly be a good thing to eat? After Halo Top generously sent the pints to our headquarters for free to complete the task, one of our editors, Hannah Kos, and one of our writers, Sarah Obermeyer, decided to tackle this challenge and eat nothing but Halo Top Ice Cream for three straight days.

Read on, and you’ll find their results. Along the way on their experience, you’ll hear their thoughts on the diet itself as well as the quality of the pints they consumed.

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