The three-day Halo Top Diet: Dairy

Day One:

Total calories: 1,360 calories

Pancakes and Waffles (360 calories):

This was probably the worst ice cream flavor I have ever consumed. It probably doesn’t help that I hate syrup, which is the main flavor. My car still smells like syrup.

Candy Bar (360 calories):

This one was exceptionally good. It had the perfect crunch from peanuts, and I highly recommend it; it’s super convenient that I have two more pints. Although I did very much miss solid food, and that was only pint two.

Caramel Macchiato (280 calories):

I smashed my way through this pint. Possibly because it was so good, possibly because I was starving, or possible because it was three in the afternoon, and I was craving coffee. No matter what, it was gooda�� really good.

Red Velvet (360 calories):

Looking back at it, this may have been my favorite pint. The brownie chunks in this one were by far my favorite part and made it feel like I was actually eating food. It was super creamy and very yummy. Although, everyone else was eating spaghetti for dinner, and that was sad to watch.

Day Two:

Total calories: 1,320 calories

Chocolate (320 calories):

This was a good start to the day because I started off neutral. I definitely think that the chocolate-based ice creams are better than the vanilla; something about it makes it taste more like a pint of Ben and Jerry’s (but much less rich, and that’s definitely a good thing). (Side note: eating ice cream during choir is not an easy task.)

Peanut Butter Cup (320 calories):

This one was also very good, and I’m not one to like peanut butter– but there was something about this one. Although by that point, I was getting pretty sick of the whole “ice cream for every meal of every day” thing. I was also getting sick of the crazy looks people would give me as I would parade around shamelessly finishing an entire pint of ice cream in less than half an hour– but it’s whatever.

Candy Bar (360 Calories):

A continuous fan favorite by me and everyone else that was stealing spoonfuls. I also think there was something about the third pint of the day because it was, again, the pint to go down the fastest. (We timed ita�� seven minutes)

Sea Salt Caramel (320 Calories):

This one wasn’t my favorite, but it was still decent considering the fact that I was really losing it at this point. I seriously do not recommend eating ice cream every day. Also, the realization that I had consumed eight pints of ice cream in less than 48 hours sent me into a bit of a mental breakdown, but a few pieces of gum and a big cup of coffee (the one drink I allowed myself to drink besides water and milk) fixed the problem.

Day Three:

Total calories: 960

Candy Bar (360 calories):

I started off the last day with something I knew I really liked because at this point I was seriously struggling. I didn’t even finish the pint. However, the ice cream was still good. Halo Top seriously does a good job at making their ice cream. I don’t know how I could have gotten through it if it wasn’t pretty much perfect. But honestly, I was pretty angry I still had a whole day left of ice cream.

Peanut Butter Cup ( 320 calories):

Lunch was a little bit better than breakfast, but seriously, at this point I had eaten ten pints of ice cream in two and a half day. TEN PINTS!!! I was ready to eat real food.

Oatmeal Cookie (280 calories):

This one was my second least favorite, but I suppose it was fitting to start and finish with bad flavors.

Note: I did not eat the fourth pint on the last day because, by that point, I was about ready to lose my mind. So, I weighed myself one last time around 8:00 PM and then ate a real meal (a burrito bowla�� it was very good).


Total calories consumed: 3,640 calories

Total weight lost: 8.3 lbs

Takeaway: This was terrible. I would never, ever suggest this to anyone, especially considering the fact that I was angry the entire time. No one is made to eat the same food every day for three days, especially when that something is dairy. I honestly don’t think I would have gotten through it if the food was anything but Halo Top. Honestly, for being that low in calories, this ice cream is exceptional. I do not, by any means, have a sweet tooth, so this is a major kudos coming from me. All in all, don’t ever try the diet, but I highly recommend you pick up a few pints on your next trip to the store.

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