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Top 5 under the radar


Many people view bowling as a casual, fun sport to go out and play with friends, but to the FHC bowling team, this game is all business. This past season, bowling had a rough season but still performed well. Senior bowler Alex Ghareeb proved to be a leader of the team and despite placing 15th at Regionals, it still went unnoticed. Bowling in itself is a very specific sport, you have to truly have a passion for it so sometimes it lacks followers.

Dance Team

While many people know about the dance team because of its performances at football and basketball games, many people don’t realize that dance also has competitive meets and this past season for the FHC Dance Team started as a new and fresh experience. Many experienced dancers left the team after last season due to moving onto college, so this year brought on some fresh faces. This year the Dance Team also has the largest amount of girls they’ve ever had with a total of fifteen dancers. Led by senior captain Rylee Hrynak and junior captain Alyssa Zadel, the team found plenty of success this season in their competitions.

Connor Genschaw- Tennis singles State Champion

Senior Connor Genschaw reined Singles State Champion this past season after an incredible regular season. Connor has been playing Tennis since he was three years old and has played for the school team since his freshman year. Connor was a player in the first singles flight meaning he has to play the best players on the opposing team, making the competition even more difficult. Winning States is the highest reward for a tennis player, especially in the singles bracket and Connor is his final year was able to take his place as champion.

Boys varsity soccer – District Finals

Soccer is a well-known sport all over the world. Our school has had many successful teams but this past season specifically, Boys Varsity Soccer, made it all the way to District finals. Despite the loss in finals, this team had an incredible season. The team went 15-1-2 adding up to an incredible record. Leadership proved strong throughout the entire season, specifically, senior captain Eric Conerty. Eric had an incredible amount of goals this past season totaling out at 36 goals. Adding to those 36 goals were 8 assists. The entire team played incredible throughout this entire season and looks to take Finals next year.

Field Hockey- District and State Champions

This past season Varsity Field Hockey won Districts then went on to be the first FHC Field Hockey team to win States. This highly-skilled team may have gone unnoticed just due to the fact that Field Hockey isn’t a very popular sport here in the U.S. Field Hockey’s incredible season was closed out with their most exciting win of the season by scoring the winning goal in overtime.

“I think it would be good for people to go to at least one game to experience something new,” Molly said. “Our team does exceptionally well and deserves recognition for all the hard work we put in.

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