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Caleb Foster – Milwaukee School of Engineering


Caleb Foster


Milwaukee School of Engineering

Why did you choose MSOE as your final destination?

After I visited there and experienced the culture that the coaches had created at MSOE I thought it might be the place for me. The players were all nice but competitive and seemed to welcome everyone. Even though it took me a while to make my final decision, it all worked out. The academics were definitely there because of them mainly being an engineering school. And the city of Milwaukee really added spice to the smaller campus that MSOE is.

What was the turning point that made you want to play lacrosse in college?

Ever since I started playing lacrosse I wanted to be good at it. So I worked hard and tried to get better. I never really thought about college lacrosse until my sophomore year when I went to a showcase and saw that coaches wanted me to play for them. So it was only a matter of finding the right mix of academics to athletic play at the level that I wanted.

What is your favorite moment from lacrosse career?

Beating East Grand Rapids in the state championship in 2016.

What is your biggest goal once you get to MSOE?

My goal when getting to MSOE is definitely going to be maintaining good grades throughout my time there as well as procuring a starting spot on the team as soon as I can.

Describe your journey from early lax experiences to now.

I started out in 5th grade, after hearing about the sport during football. I had gotten bored of baseball and wanted something new and enrolled in the spring. The next year I heard about summer lacrosse and decided to play that. My sophomore year is when I made the varsity team, so that was exciting. After about 6 years of summer lacrosse and 7 years of spring lacrosse, it is great to know that I am able to play longer.

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