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Ty George


Hope College

Why did you choose Hope as your final destination?

Hope is the best fit for me in a school and basketball program. Every school that I was looking at was similar, but Holland was definitely a key part of my decision. The area and campus separated itself from the rest of the schools. The coaching staff has spent a lot of time with me in the off-season and during the season which gave me a sense of comfort. Also, they have had a lot of success and tradition in their program and I want to be a part of it.

What was the turning point that made you want to play basketball in college?

It has always been a goal of mine to play at the next level. When I was younger all I looked forward to was playing at FHC, but as I got older I wanted to get better so I could continue my basketball career after high school. I have made so many memories and learned so many lessons through the game that it would be hard to stop playing. For me, it was just about figuring out where the best fit for me was.

What is your favorite moment from basketball career?

My favorite memory has to be cutting down the nets as a team on senior night after beating Ottawa Hills. It was a moment that we talked about through the summer and fall, so for it to happen was special.

What is your biggest goal once you get to Hope?

When I get to Hope I just want to make an impact, however, I can whether it’s on the court or not. Hopefully, I can help the team continue the success that they had this past year and win another conference championship. I think the school gives me a great opportunity to make an impact in a variety of ways.

Describe your journey from early basketball experiences to now.

Growing up around Rangerball was an experience not many people get and I’m glad that I was able to learn as much as I did about being a leader, teammate, and person through it. My growth as a player over the years doesn’t compare to my growth as a person through basketball.

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