Jam ‘N Bean: Positive Ambience

December 15, 2015

Warm and cozy. That was the way the atmosphere felt when I walked into Jam’n Bean Coffee Company for the first time. Many bakery items were on display, and multiple kinds of coffee sat behind me on a tall wooden shelf. It had the aura and aroma of a kitchen that had just finished baking for the day.

The first impression I got was of a place that people of all ages would venture to. A small child to stare longingly at the chocolate chip muffins in display. An exhausted teen to have somewhere serene and quiet to do homework and unwind. An elderly pair of women to come and sit and chat about the years before and the years to come. Whatever your age, this coffeehouse is timeless.

A tall woman came out and greeted us and asked if we had been to the place before. When my mother and I both replied no, she proceeded to give us a full tour. Little did we know that there was plenty of seating inside and out. The indoor tables and chairs, surrounded by pumpkin lights, had a touristy feeling. There were a few t-shirts for sale hung on the wall, and up on a shelf near the back were some board games. Upbeat music played in the background, soft enough that it wasn’t blaring through the speakers.

I decided to order a blueberry muffin and hot chocolate. The total price was about $5, which was fairly cheap, especially for such quality and friendly service. The hot chocolate was creamy, warm, and delicious, and the muffin tasted as if the blueberries had just been picked. Both items were savory, and I without a doubt would order them again.

As I sipped my drink, I proceeded to walk outside and up the steps to the raised deck in the back. Decorated with Christmas lights and a small stage, this is the place where Jam ‘N Bean hosts swing dancing every Wednesday night in the summer, as well as small concerts. This area had a fun, bouncy feeling to it, even without any entertainment happening while I was there. I could only imagine the crowds of people who come to enjoy a simple drink and music, and to get away from life for a while.

I can see now why this place is so popular among not just teens, but the public in general. I don’t doubt that I will be back here again, whether it’s to do homework or just sit for a while. I will take time to sample more of the quality drinks and treats from this cool coffeehouse in the middle of Cascade and enjoy the sweet, positive ambience that it brings.

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