The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

Ellie Ingraham – Class of 2020 Secretary

Name: Ellie Ingraham

Grade: Sophomore

Running for: Secretary

1. How long have you been a part of student council?

“I have yet to be a part of student council at Forest Hills Central but I really hope to be someday soon.”
2. Why are you running?
“I am running because I am passionate about helping others and embracing change. I have always wanted to be part of something bigger than I am, and I think that student council is a great step in the right direction towards serving my peers and contributing to the good of not only our class but our school as well.”
3. What kind of leader do you hope to be?
“I hope to be an approachable leader. I feel that a lot of the time people are scared to express their ideas to someone in power, and I don’t want people to feel that their ideas and thoughts aren’t heard.”
4. What do you hope to contribute to the school?
“I hope to contribute a sense of class unity and pride to our school. I really want to look back on high school and reflect on the memories of classmates rather than facts and academic material.”
5. Why should students vote for you?
“I think that you should vote for me because I would consider myself to be a fairly relatable person, and I believe that’s a really useful attribute for a candidate.”

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