The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

Maddy Williams – Student Council Board President

Name: Maddy Williams

Grade: Junior

Running for: Student Council Board President

  1. How long have you been a part of student council?

“I have officially held an officer position on student council this past year, but I have participated in student council activities since freshman year.”

  1. Why are you running?

“I am running for student council because I genuinely love it. Student council is a lot of fun and hard work, so I put a lot of extra time into it. I care about our school and take pride in representing not only the senior class, but everyone that is a part of FHC. I am excited about the possibility of taking on a larger role because I want to make next year the best it can be.”

  1. What kind of leader do you hope to be?

“I hope to be the kind of leader that people do not just want to follow, but work alongside. I feel that effective leadership is done through example and being someone that people enjoy working with.  In addition, I do not stop working until the job is done, and I love being part of a team that works hard to make great things happen. As a leader in our school, I would hope to be a friendly face to everyone. I am extremely organized, and I would make sure that 2018-2019 is filled with fun activities and opportunities for everyone to participate.”

  1. What do you hope to contribute to the school?

“I hope to create more student involvement in both new activities and our Ranger traditions at FHC. I also look forward to working with the FHC administration to make great things happen for our school. I have taken notes throughout this year on various student council activities to help create new possibilities for next year. I have ideas for spirit days and activities that I look forward to sharing as a part of student council. I hope to leave an impact on the school through the way I lead and the things we are able to accomplish as a student body.”

  1. Why should students vote for you?

“To me, student council means all kinds of fun and exciting things, planning and organizing, being a leader, and working hard even during taxing moments. I don’t believe in doing anything half-heartedly and promise to work hard all year. I am very passionate about student council and would make sure that next year is a memorable one. Please vote for me, Maddy Williams, for your next Student Council Board President!”

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