Sutton Steensma – Class of 2019 President

Name: Sutton Steensma

Grade: Junior

Running For: President

1. How long have you been involved in student council?

“I have been involved in student council since 8th grade.”

2. Why are you running?

“I have a passion for this class and all the duties that come with it. I have been president for the past two years and leading our class really has been my greatest joy.”

3. What kind of leader do you hope to be?

“I hope to be an impactful leader. I want to lead my class with confidence and pride in our abilities and accomplishments. I hope to be all my class needs.”

4. What do you hope to contribute to the school?

“I hope to contribute fresh, new ideas and opportunities. I strive to bring joy to the school and try to get as many people as possible involved and valued.”

5. Why should students vote for you?

“I am running unopposed, but I hope that my class will want me for one more year to help them grow and reach their full potential before we graduate. I want to help our class seek more opportunities to help others, as well as each other.”

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