Thomas Hendricks – Class of 2020 President

Name: Thomas Hendricks

Grade: Sophomore

Running for: President

1. How long have you been a part of student council?

“I was on H.I.T. Team at Central Woodlands which was my first form of student government. After that, I have always held the highest position in student council available for my grade. I have been part of Student Government for a total of six years; junior year will be my seventh.”

2. Why are you running?

“I am running to improve the climate of our school. By saying this I mean to say that I want to listen to others, and I want to change school events such as Homecoming, Winterfest, Prom and other fundraisers to make them more productive, enjoyable, and easier for everyone. My two main goals are to increase participation and to lead the Class of 2020 to victory in all competitions.”

3. What kind of leader do you hope to be?

“I plan on being a leader that will seriously change the problems and anything else that can be improved. I also plan on leading the people that elected me by not only using specifically my ideas but everyone’s by listening to my class.”

4. What do you hope to contribute to the school?

“I hope to contribute an actual difference, whether small or big, based on what the students want, to our school/community.”

5. Why should students vote for you?

“Vote for me, Thomas Hendricks, because I’m unopposed.”

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