Same DNA, Different Personalities

Same DNA, Different Personalities

January 19, 2016

She is slightly taller than me, her lengthy legs disproportionate to her generally smaller stature. She has a sophisticated pointed nose with auburn colored hair that drapes just below her shoulders, baring full glossy lips and model-like features. I, on the other hand, have what is referred to as a button nose, freckles scattered across the apples of my cheeks like sprinkles on a cupcake, and pouty lips that demonstrate my evident sassiness. There are subtle distinctions, though slight and often overlooked, that make Karisah and I completely different people. Yet we are often simply called “the twins”.

When we were still in the midst of evolving into individuals- when we were simply told apart by different colored socks and patterned hair ties as we dependably laid beside one another in matching onesies- it was socially acceptable to consider us the same person. I had no relevant objections to it because I was just content with being picked up every five seconds and showered in affectionate kisses. However, now that we are seventeen years old and I am well aware that we are not the same person, I can’t help but casually roll my eyes when I am not referred to as simply “Riana”.

She is nice. A little too nice. She politely laughs at humorless jokes, apologizes when it’s clearly not her fault, and is constantly in a fluster as she attempts to pick up dropped pencils, lend out extra paper, and assist others in solving difficult quadratic equations. I, on the other hand, am referred to as a “diva”. I constantly murmur feisty remarks under my breath, roll my eyes a little bit too much, and have to remind myself that sometimes my sarcasm is not always appreciated.

While we may display the same milky complexion and hazel colored eyes, we are not the same person. We are two completely different individuals with two different personalities who simply happen to look like one another. Over time, we began showing inclinations towards different things- small, insignificant things- that ultimately aided in us developing different dispositions. While she gravitated towards sophisticated Vera Bradley print backpacks and bedspreads, I couldn’t help but oogle over anything and everything baring glitter, sequins, and leopard print. While she would most likely be tucked away in a corner, brushing her doll’s hair in an obsessive manner, you would typically find me flying throughout the halls on a tricycle, knocking over cups of coffee and crashing into walls. While she would distribute her spare piggy bank change on expensive lipgloss and name brand eyeshadow, I would spend it on various Xbox racing games and audible speakers to blast Drake.

I find it rather intriguing that we began as the same person seventeen years ago in the womb, yet the moment we split apart from one another- we inevitably split apart into two  very different human beings. Only a few select individuals, the ones who have stuck around us, have witnessed our metamorphosis as we gradually evolved from simply “the twins” to “Riana” and “Karisah”. Only a few select individuals have been around to observe five-year old me standing below Karisah as she swung back and forth on the monkey bars, an afraid expression plastered on her face as I somehow managed to deviously convince her to jump off and break her arm. Only a few select individuals have been around to observe sixteen-year old me as I boisterously stuck my head out of the car window while cruising down Cascade, enthusiastically waving at innocent bystanders while Karisah slunk down slower in the passenger seat and hissed through clenched teeth for me to sit back down. Fast forward to seventeen-year old me. Fast forward to me now, when our teachers questionably hand our quizzes back as if they are interchangeable and my friends have resorted to yelling at me “Hey Riana or Karisah”; fast forward to a time when others view us at the same person, yet we seem to be the only ones perfectly aware that we are simply two people who just happen to look like each other. Fast forward to a time when I can honestly say being an identical twin has ironically encouraged Karisah and I to examine who we truly are and find ourselves on an individual basis. Now that I am seventeen years old, our current situation perfectly emulates our life situation. We are both going to MSU- we are going to be rooming together, for goodness sake- but we are undeniably different. She is going into the fashion industry from a business standpoint, I am going to law school to become a prosecuting lawyer. She is slightly taller than me with a pointy nose and glossy lips. I am smaller, with what is referred to as a “button nose” and pouty lips. She has a smooth complexion while I have freckles scattered across the apples of my cheeks. She is Karisah and I am Riana.

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