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Humans of FHC: Emily Kostbade and Maddie Vonk

Maddie: “One time there was an orb in my sister’s room, [so] I took Emily’s Ouija board and my sister and I talked to it; [the orb] turned out it [to be] my grandpa. We were like, ‘Do we know you?’ and it went to ‘yes,’ and then we were like, ‘Are you my grandpa?’ and then it went to ‘yes.’ “

Emily: “We take it with a grain of salt.”

Maddie: “It was probably nothing, but we like to think it was real.”

Maddie: “Another time, our group of friends on Halloween night got in touch with a ghost- an ambiguous ghost that shall not be named- and we asked it a bunch of questions and every single one came true.”

Emily: “Yes.”

Maddie: “We were like, ‘Will ‘blank’ couple break up by Christmas?’

Emily: “Yeah, and we did this months in advance, like ‘by the end of the year, is this going to happen?’ “

Maddie: “[Then we asked], ‘Will ‘blank’ couple have a rough patch?’ and ‘blank couple’ had said rough patch.”


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