Humans of FHC: Liam Nyberg

“I was hanging out with my friends Cole Munger, Braden Lubben, Grant Coughlin, Johnny Mielock, and Noah Wolff. We were watching a horror movie, and it was like 2 [in the morning], and we heard this knocking sound. We all thought it was the movie, and then it kept going, and we realized that that’s coming from something. So we paused the movie, and the knocking continued. It was this door in the basement that leads to a storage room. And we just heard knocking every few seconds. Everyone was freaking out. But what they didn’t know is that it was actually me. I put a speaker in that room, and I played knocking noises on the speaker. They were like ‘Someone go check. I’m actually freaking out. Someone go check.’ So someone opened the door, and they were all huddled together, and we looked in. There was no one in there, so we closed the door and went back, and a couple seconds later the knocking started again.”


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