Humans of FHC: Annie Seeber

“Here’s the backstory: when I was six or seven, my grandfather told me that if I walked through the Alma Cemetery- about an hour and a half from here, the scariest cemetery I’ve ever seen- from the back to the front, he would give me a hundred dollars. Still a lot of money, but when I was ten I was like, ‘holy crap, this is it, this is when I win the lottery, let’s go.’ But we never did it, and when I was thirteen, he passed away. Last year we told my grandma about it, and she was like ‘I’ll take you to do that and give you a hundred dollars if you do.’ So when my cousins from Texas came this summer; all my siblings and all the cousins got together, and we all did it. And it was so freaking scary. We hyped each other up and were like ‘we’ve got this,’ and then we got there. Scary terry. Very dark. Thought I was gonna die. Near death experience. But we made it.”


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