Humans of FHC: Jayla Williams

“I don’t know what grade I was in–probably fourth [grade]. I used to have a queen bed in my room because my grandma used to stay over with us a lot. I always sat [in] the middle of my bed, and I would just kind of snuggle up in there. I always just got a weird feeling. We don’t live there anymore, but I always got a weird feeling about the place. One night, I woke up in the middle of [the] night, and my TV was still on. I just turned it off and rolled back over, but I felt like something wasn’t right. So I’m lying in my bed, right there in the middle, and I looked in the corner of my room. There was, I swear, a tall, shadow-like figure in the corner of my room. I saw something dash across my floor. I saw something go down on my floor, but I couldn’t see because my bed was too big. My door was cracked open, and I saw something crawl out of my door. I screamed my head off. My dad had to come in. I had to sleep with my parents for [about] two weeks. It was so bad. That was the only encounter I’ve actually had. I fully, 100 percent, believe in ghosts.”



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