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Humans of FHC: Danny Dykstra

“One day, I was babysitting my baby cousin at my uncle’s house, which is about 150 years old. They’ve had issues with spirits and ghosts and things in the past, but I’ve never experienced anything until I was washing my hands in their bathroom. One of my baby cousin’s beach balls came flying in and hit me in the leg. I was really confused because I thought it was the dog at first. I was like, ‘Oh, Joey, what are you doing?’ So, I picked up the ball, went to the living room, and the dog was totally out cold, just asleep on the living room floor. [He] was a little freaked out when I woke him up. I mean, the baby couldn’t have done it. The dog didn’t do it. All the windows were closed. They don’t have air conditioning. So I have no idea what did that.”


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