Humans of FHC: Daci Funaro

“At my house, there have been a few strange encounters. In my basement, there is this one corner especially that is just really creepy. There’s this wall in the corner that my dog always seems to bark at when no one is around or when it’s quiet and everybody is sleeping. She won’t stop barking at it no matter what you do, even if you move she’ll still go up to the wall and bark at it. Also, I’ve seen light orbs floating around in that corner; it will be dark, and there’s light. I don’t know what’s going on; there [are] no cars driving by– it’s a basement. There have been times where– I have tile down there– so I would go ahead and roller skate in my basement because you know, I have no friends. I rode by [the creepy corner], and there’s this one time [when] no one was home, and I don’t know if I’m crazy– I probably am– something said ‘go away’ [in a] growly and weird [voice]. I ran upstairs. There have [also] been times where magnets or pictures of my family have been moved when no one is home, and we don’t know why.”


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