Shay Keaton

Name: Shay Keaton

Grade: 11

Role: Mrs. Kemp

1. What are you most excited about?

“I’m really excited to continue seeing the show come together, and it’s nice to get to share the play with an audience of all different ages.”

2. What makes you fit your role so well?

“I’ve been told I’m very good at pretending to be a grandma.”

3. What is your favorite thing about being involved in the play?

“[I love] getting to act every day with the other talented actors.”

4. What is the cast dynamic and relationship like?

“We definitely act like a family. We all look out for and support each other. Along with that, each of us has developed an interesting, unique character that makes the show even more awesome.”

5. What is your favorite part about your role?

“Learning how to knit was something I did during rehearsals when I wasn’t on stage so I could relate to my character more. It’s a very useful skill, and I’m glad Mrs. Kemp gave me the opportunity to find this new hobby.”

6. What have been some difficulties with your role or in rehearsal?

“As a 16-year-old, it’s hard to act as a 70/80-year-old woman. I had to really target my inner old lady.”

7. How has this experience affected you and your high school experience?

“It’s been pretty stressful trying to balance my school life and my theater life, but putting together a great performance made it totally worth it.”

8. What should audiences be excited about?

“[They should get excited about all of] the different unique characters and the great storyline. Also, if you have read the books, it will be a great kick of nostalgia.”

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