Zachery Jaeger

Name: Zachery Jaeger

Grade: 12

Role: Doctor and Cub Scout

1. What are you most excited about?

“[I’m most excited about] seeing the whole show come together and having people experience what we have been working so hard for the past two months.”

2. What is your favorite thing about being involved in the play?

“[I love that] I get to inspire younger kids (especially since this is a kids show) to maybe go out and try theater or go watch more of it.”

3. What is the cast dynamic and relationship like?

“[The cast] is very close, and we have a lot of laughs and fun. Everyone is so generous to each other, and there is good chemistry on and off stage.”

4. What is your favorite part about your role?

“I like being able to switch from the more mature character of the doctor to the third-grade Cub Scout.”

5. What have been some difficulties with your role or in rehearsal?

“For the most part, rehearsals have gone smoothly, but I constantly try to do something different with my character to make him more interesting.”

6. How has this experience affected you and your high school experience?

“Well, my first experience with theater was the musical last year, and that inspired me to try out for the fall play. My experiences this year make me want to continue doing theater both at this school and maybe as an extracurricular in college.”

7. What should audiences be excited about?

“They should be excited for a very energetic family friend night of fun!”

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