Top 5 clutch moments

Aidan O’Meara and Shane Hubble vs. Lowell

In one of the Ranger JV tennis team’s best wins, sophomore Aidan O’Meara and junior Shane Hubble were able to pull off an incredible win over Lowell. Starting off the match, the two were not performing at their best; they were down 6-2. However, as the match continued on, they fought through, gaining confidence as the sets went on. Soon enough, the pair was neck-and-neck for the lead. Fighting all the way back, the match ended in a tie and they began playing extra sets to determine the winner. Shane and Aidan were able to prevail as victors of the match and finished their season with a strong win against a tough Lowell opponent.

“It felt good to get out there and win, especially coming back from being down by so much,” Aidan said. “This win was a really big confidence booster for Shane and me; it really helped us with our season outcome.”


Molly Donovan vs. The Juniors

Powderpuff always has a huge impact on the junior and senior classes. The games are intense with bragging rights on the line for each class. Senior Molly Donovan knew what she had to do going into this powderpuff game: win. Heading into overtime with the score deadlocked 14-14, Molly intercepted a wobbly pass from the quarterback and returned the ball 95 yards with junior defenders trailing right behind her. The referees initially called her down before the end zone, but later on, they score was changed to a senior win, 21-14.

“The moment I caught the ball, I knew I had to run it all the way in order to give the seniors a win,” Molly said. “That moment was exhilarating, and I’m just glad that I had the opportunity to make the Powderpuff game a point of pride for the class of 2019.”


Joe Robertson vs. Lowell

As the clock ticked down in the game, the FHC JV soccer team remained deadlocked 2-2 against a Lowell team they had already beaten by a whopping 5-0. No one was content with this result. Even though the Red Arrows had improved immensely, so had the Rangers. With about a minute on the clock, sophomore center back Rodrick De Olivera cleared the ball forward, where the ball was won fiercely by sophomore Mason Corcoran. As Mason played it wide to freshman Bryce Notarnicola, fellow freshman Joe Robertson saw a possible opportunity. As Bryce dribbled the flank, he spotted Joe coming in. When the cross came in, Joe hit the half-volley straight into the back of the net, giving the Rangers the win with only 30 seconds remaining.

“I just felt relieved that it went in,” Joe said. “I think had we tied Lowell, it would have been a really disappointing way to end our season, and to end it like that was special.”

Luke Gustafson vs. Cedar Springs

With the Rangers trailing Cedar Springs 16-14, FHC needed a special play. After freshman Hunter Robinson led the team down into threatening territory, Head coach Ty Hallock was left with a tough decision: go for it on fourth down, or kick the long field goal. Hallock was confident in his stud kicker, as he sent Luke out to win the game with 30 seconds remaining. As the ball was held on the 34-yard line, Luke kicked it from 44 out, barely clearing the uprights. A 44-yard field goal is difficult enough for a varsity kicker and rarely seen, but Luke has a very good leg on him and buried it for the win.

It was amazing; I was confident in making it, I just knew I had to do my one-eleventh and help the team win,” Luke said on his game-clinching kick.

Reese Walli vs. Cedar Springs

Throughout the entire game, the Ranger soccer team dominated Cedar Springs. Chance after chance, they could only find the back of the net once. Even with the sole goal, FHC looked as if they were going to cruise to victory. However, after a questionable penalty kick call, Cedar Springs tied it up. Momentum shifted, and Cedar began getting more shots up. With the game on the line and 9 seconds remaining, senior forward Reese Walli took the opportunity and blasted the ball past the goalkeeper.



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