Top 5 seniors

Luke Majick – Varsity Football

Senior Luke Majick was the quarterback for the Rangers this year. Unfortunately, he was unable to play for four games this year because of an injury. During the games he did play, he played exceptionally well. He had 3 rushing touchdowns and 1 passing touchdown to sophomore Jimmy Scholler in the West Ottawa game. With the touchdowns he was responsible for, the Rangers were able to have a very close game with the Panthers. Luke also had a great game against Mona Shores. In the late first quarter, Luke threw a pass to senior Tate Hallock for a 52-yard gain that helped turn the game around. Luke also ran for 2 touchdowns and gained many key first downs in the third quarter.

“Luke’s physically very talented, and he’s an excellent football player,” head coach Tim Rogers said. “He could play any position that we needed him to. He’s a dual-athlete and he exceeds at both [sports he plays]. His talents alone are better than most in this school. He was also a very good leader throughout the season and helped keep the younger players in check.”

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Jessica Schellenboom – Girls Swim and Dive  

Senior Jessica Schellenboom was one of the key swimmers throughout the whole season. During the girls swim and dive team’s meet against Jenison, Jessica helped the team by placing first in the 200-yard Freestyle and in the 500-yard Freestyle. Jessica also placed first in the 400-yard Freestyle Relay, along with juniors Maggie Zorn and Sarah Schenck as well as senior Kara Bolger. Jessica also placed first in the 200-yard Freestyle Relay along with Maggie, sophomore Emily Johnson, and freshman Maggie Hier. For the entirety of the season, Jessica placed first and led the team in wins.

Geoffrey Batterbee – Boys Cross Country and Varsity Soccer

Senior Geoffrey Batterbee not only placed 89th at the cross country State Meet, but he also was a key player for the soccer team. He was the leading runner for the Rangers at States. Geoffrey was able to place sixth in Regionals, and he helped advance the boys cross country team to States for the first time in sixteen years. Geoffrey was one of the main defenders for the boys varsity soccer team this fall. During the Rangers’ last game against Caledonia, FHC was lacking the intensity they needed to continue to fight through the game. The senior trio of Geoffrey, Reese Walli, and Alec Norris provided the energy boost and the passion that FHC needed to stay in the game. Geoffrey was a leader in both cross country and boy varsity soccer.

“Geoffrey is awesome,” senior cross country runner Jake Ball said. “He’s just good at everything; he’s a great athlete, he’s really good in school, he’s good socially, and he’s hilarious. I respect him so much. He’s so humble and a great person to be around. He’s overall just positive and a great teammate to everyone.”

Kate Ryan – Varsity Volleyball

Senior Kate Ryan was a leader on and off the court for the varsity volleyball team. She encouraged her team to do the best that they could and was always there to pick them up after a tough battle. Along with being a leader, Kate was able to be a main contributor to the Rangers’ offense. During FHC’s game against Northern, she was all over the court and consistently set up her teammates for hits. Overall, she had 28 assists. In their game against Northview, Kate was FHC’s biggest threat. She played exceptionally well and had 19 assists to the hitters.

“Kate was great,” freshman Sophie Shields said. “She had a ton of energy on the court, so I knew she was always going to be super intense and always help us get through the tough games. She always works her hardest, and that’s why we all look up to her and want to be a good leader like her.”

Reese Walli – Varsity Soccer

Senior Reese Walli was the main offensive player that scored for the boys varsity soccer team. He helped the team pull off some clutch wins, one of those wins coming against rival East Grand Rapids. Throughout the whole game, junior Sammy Postlewait and Reese worked together to have more of an offensive game. The Rangers were able to score a goal earlier in the game, but EGR was able to score as well. As the seconds were ticking to the end of the game, Reese scored his second game-winning goal of the season to give FHC the win 2-1 and help the team win its third straight game. Reese was also able to turn the momentum in FHC’s favor in the game against Lowell. He constantly got to the goal with ease and was able to help wear down the Lowell goalie, which helped his teammate score the game-winning goal.

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