TCTs The Countless Thanks 2018: Meredith VanSkiver

TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2018: Meredith VanSkiver

Tess Bond- for being the best role model ever

I’ve always wanted to have an older sister, and you’re the closest thing I’ve got to that, Tess. Literally since the day after I was born, I’ve looked up to you in almost every aspect. When we were kids, I wanted to be as funny and spontaneous and cool as you were. Now that we’ve both grown, I envy you for different reasons. You’re one of the most compassionate people I’ve ever met, and I often find myself trying to emulate your kindness. You’re also smart and a natural leader of the senior class. FHC is going to miss you next year, but trust me, I’ll miss you even more.

Aaron Jachim- for your dedication

Aaron, you’re one of the busiest people I’ve ever met. You’re involved in many different clubs and groups, take multiple AP classes, and have more friends than I’d know what to do with. Yet, nothing in your life suffers; you dedicate an insane amount of passion to each and everyone one of your responsibilities. You make every person in your life feel special and loved, not swept to the side or unimportant. Whenever we spend time together, I always feel content and at peace. Thank you for putting up with my annoying self in first hour, for giggling with me in third hour, and for responding to the random and sporadic late night texts I’ll send. You’re going to do incredible things in your life, and I’m lucky that I get to witness even a small sliver of it.

Sarah Buchanan- for being anything I need you to be

Sarah, I truly have too much to thank you for because you help me with so much. If I have something exciting to share, you’re the first person I tell. If I’m having an off day, you always pick up on it and help to cheer me up. We’re radically different people, but we connect on so much. Out of all my friends, you’re the one I find myself talking about the “deep stuff” the most with. We’ve had conversations about faith, politics, our futures, and more. I’m so lucky that you’ve been put in my life because you truly do keep me sane. Know that if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, or just a person to spend time with, I’m here.

Olivia Luplow and Amanda Bartolovic– for making sixth hour even better

More often than not, the best part of my day is sixth hour, Writing for Publication. The subject matter of the class itself is interesting and engaging, but sharing it with you two just makes it so much better. Both of you appreciate writing and words in a similar way that I do, and I love bouncing ideas off of you two. Additionally, you are both talented, gifted writers and reading your work pushes me to try harder and be better. I look forward to the future of The Central Trend that we will partake in together.

Gretchen Shull- for being such a kind person

Gretchen, one of the biggest blessings so far of my fall has been meeting you and becoming friends. Your reputation of humor precedes you and I, along with almost anyone, could go on and on about how funny you are. However, one of the things you don’t get enough credit for is how kind you are. You’re incredibly generous and have such a gentle heart. I look forward to first hour with you and all of the fun times we have together. Hanging out with you is a joy, and you truly are a wonderful person to spend time with. Thank you for never having a dull moment.

The debate team- for being the nicest people at FHC

I joined the team super late in the year, and not a single one of you were anything but gracious towards me. You’ve all taught me all the ins and outs of policy debate and helped me to feel like I belong. We’re all vastly different people, but I’m so grateful that we’ve all come together over debate so I could experience all the wonderful things you have to offer. You all encourage me and get excited along with me when I succeed. Joining the team was a great decision, and I’m constantly grateful for it. Special thanks to Hannah, Brendan, and Jon for welcoming me into the best novice team around.

Alexander Hahn- for your friendliness

Junior year is tough. There are days when I’m mentally spent, and every little thing seems to annoy me. Yet, the minute you walk past, you never fail to give me a warm smile, a kind word, or even just a hug. The small interactions we share can transform my entire mood and help me have a positive outlook on my day. I especially love that this type of behavior is not limited to just me; you’re known for being friendly to everyone at FHC, and you have a wonderful reputation because of it.

Meredith Carpenter- for being my “twin”

Meredith, I think of all people in my life, you’re the one that I know with utmost certainty would stand by me no matter what. You understand the weird, complicated parts of my brain, and you’re just as crazy as I am. I’m so grateful that cheerleading has brought us together because I don’t think I could take on life without you. We can go a week without talking to each other and then fall right back into place within seconds. Thank you for always having time to listen to my rants and for letting randomly walk into your house as I please. Thank you for giving a second set of parents, who are just as incredibly sweet as you are. Just like what every birthday card I’ve ever written to you has said, there’s no one I’d rather share a name with.

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