Intro to Business 2018: Sticklean

“We came up with the name because you stick the product on the back of your phone, and it makes your screen clean, so it is a combination of the two words,” sophomore Avery LeTourneau said.

Social studies teacher, Jared Lowe, has a class called Introduction to Business, and the students are working on learning the basic steps to running a small business and selling products. There are seven groups, and they were assigned by Lowe. One such group is Sticklean.

“Our product is Sticklean, and it is a phone screen cleaner that can also stick to the back of your phone,” Avery said. “It costs four dollars.”

One of the girls in the group, sophomore Marella Yan, was the one to come up with the design. The green Michigan outline represents the color of the environment as well as the FHC’s signature green color. They ordered them from a company called Pristine Screens out of Colorado.

“There aren’t very many products options because of the limitations like time and prices, so it was hard to come up with what we wanted to sell,” Marella said.

Despite the difficulties with finding a product, the group found their niche with the unique product of Sticklean. Not only is it beneficial to phone users, but it is also reusable and lasting. If Sticklean will no longer stick to the back of the phone, all customers have to do is wash it with soap and water. Then let it air dry, and it will become sticky again.

Students can buy it from any of the five members: Avery, Marella, sophomore Cam David, junior Johnny Mielock, and sophomore Carson Mockerman. They are also being sold at all three lunches by the main entrance of the cafeteria. Moreover, there is a greater purpose to their business.

“We are trying to keep our screens clean, and Michigan cleaner because we are personally delivering the trash to a recycling plant,” Avery said. “We are collecting the packaging it comes in.”

At the end of sales, they will take all the plastic they collect to a plant to recycle, which is a part of their environmentally-minded philosophy. They collect the packaging as soon as consumer purchase the product so they can collect as much as possible. However, they have not chosen a recycling plant to take it to yet.

The group started selling them about two weeks ago and will continue selling them until almost the end of the semester because this is their main project in the class.

For marketing and promotional purposes, they have an Instagram, @sticklean_fhc. Moreover, on Monday, Sticklean held a promotion in which three coupons hidden around the school would merit a free product to the lucky three who found it.

The efforts of the Sticklean gang are certainly working, and they are continuing to sell a flurry of products.

“They are running out fast, so get your Sticklean,” Cam said.

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