Ashlyn Fitch

Name: Ashlyn Fitch

Grade: 12

Role: Narrator

1. Have you ever been in the musical before?

“Yes! I have been doing musicals since I was in 3rd grade in community theater, and [I did] all four years of high school [theater]!”

2. What are you most excited about for the show?

“I am most excited about the talent. This cast is filled with insanely talented people working both on and off stage to make this show as beautiful and fun as it is! Audiences will come in, and this show [will] exceed [everyone’s] expectations because you get to appreciate so much raw talent!”

3. What makes you fit your role so well?

“I have had to work super hard at this role to get it to be the best it can be. I think what I have found makes me a good fit for this role is my storytelling. I always get super invested in the show while I’m performing, and I think it helps audiences understand the story better.”

4. What is your favorite part of being involved in theater?

“[I love] the people. I have met some of the most wonderful people through theater. Theater brings unlikely people together [who are] working hard to create something magical, and that magic is guaranteed to form incredible friendships. The cast and crew are so supportive. No matter what happens, they are there cheering everyone on, and that’s what makes this so special.”

5. What was the most surprising thing to you about this year’s show?

“[I was surprised] how fast-paced the show is! The show is action-packed, but it moves super quickly, and it is over before you know it!”

6. What have been some difficulties with your role or at rehearsals?

“This role has been particularly challenging because it is only singing. I never say any speaking lines. It’s been a challenge making sure that I am really telling the story through the music. Also, the narrator has to hit some pretty high notes, so that has definitely been something I had to work on.”

7. How has this experience influenced your high school career?

“I couldn’t have asked for a better experience to close out my time with FHC Theatre. The people I have had the pleasure of being surrounded by and the memories we have made will definitely stay with me as some of my senior year highlights.”

8. What should audiences be most excited for?

“Audiences should be excited to hear some great music, see some wonderful dancing, and to be blown away by this show. It is filled with so many show-stopping moments, not to mention there is a kids’ chorus of 43 adorable children!”

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