Aaron Jachim

Name: Aaron Jachim

Grade: 12

Role: Judah

1. Have you ever been in the musical before?

“Yes, every year since I came to the high school [I’ve done a musical], and [I’ve done shows] outside school.”

2. What are you most excited about for the show?

“Finally being able to show a whole audience and our community what we have been working on for so long [is what I’m most excited for].”

3. What makes you fit your role so well?

“I’m really able to show my personality through Judah and just be silly and have fun on stage.”

4. What is your favorite part of being involved in theater?

“The friends you make are with you forever.”

5. What was the most surprising thing to you about this year’s show?

“The show is technically considered an opera, so there are no lines.”

6. What have been some difficulties with your role or at rehearsals?
“They are just so intense and put such on strain on your body and mind, but the result makes it all worth it.”
7. How has this experience influenced your high school career?
“Being so close with the seniors [has impacted me the most]; they have made such an impact on who I am and how to be a leader in the school.”
8. What should audiences be most excited for?
“Everything! The costumes, dance, singing, lights, and set are amazing. It should be one of the best shows at FHC.”

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