A Cat Named Michael – Filmfest Preview Q&A

Film: A Cat Named Michael
Producers: Hayley Gorski, Valarie Nuffer, and Emily Pierce
Interviewee: Hayley Gorski
1. What’s your film about?
“Our film is about a character named Carter who is completely and utterly obsessed with his cat named Michael. Basically, his entire life revolves around his cat until one day the cat goes missing, and he goes on a search for his cat and rekindles an old friendship in the process.”
2. What was the inspiration for the film?
“I would say that most of the inspiration came from our want to create a documentary style film with a lot of humor. I’d also say that our group was pretty inspired by our star, Henry the cat.”
3. Can you describe the filming/editing process?
“At times, it could be pretty stressful, but overall, I think we had a lot of fun as a group working on it and creating something that we’re proud of.”
4. How did you choose the actors/actresses?
“When choosing our actors, we really just wanted to find people who were going to be able to be serious about the film as well as be ready to play into the more comical scenes; we definitely picked well.”
5. What was your favorite part about the creative process?
“Creating the storyline was pretty amazing and just putting it all together in the editing process was great. It was pretty cool to see it all come together and improve as we added different effects and music.”
6. What messages are you trying to convey?
“One of the messages we are trying to convey is just to not take life so seriously and always remember to make time for your friends and the people close to you.”
7. What can your audience expect to get out of the film?
“We hope that the audience can get some laughs out of it and really enjoy it as well as really understand the message within.”
8. How is your film different from the rest?
“Honestly, our film is different in the sense that our story tries to convey a really great message while still keeping it very funny and light-hearted.”

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