Batdan – Filmfest Preview Q&A

Film: Batdan

Producers: Danny Schuurman, Aidan Fitzgerald, Beck Norris, and Alec Norris

Interviewee: Danny Schuurman

1. What’s your film about?

“A boy’s parents become divorced, and he goes on a mission to find out why.”

2. What’s the theme of your film?

“Sometimes, the answer you are looking for isn’t the one you get.”

3. What was the inspiration for the film?

“Danny’s life experiences, and the Batman films.”

4. Can you describe the filming/editing process?

“Long and grueling, countless hours of putting on the two sizes too small costumes, and filming in cold weather. It was worth it because it came out great.”

5. How did you choose the actors/actresses?

“We chose out of our friends that we would think fit each roles best.”

6. What was your favorite part about the creative process?

“Brainstorming for the film, we were dying laughing the whole time just coming up with new and hilarious ideas.”

7. What messages are you trying to convey?

“Sometimes you are looking for others to blame when it is your fault in the first place. Think about your own actions before blaming others.”

8. What can your audience expect to get out of the film?

“Lots of laughter, some intense scenes, and a different look on the divorce issue in America.”

9. How is your film different from the rest?

“We take a normally very sensitive issue and try to make it seem funny and not that bad. Satire is used a lot. I think we are different because of our superhero theme as well. You’ll just have to come and see for yourself.”

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