Student Council Q&A: Daniel Burns

Name: Daniel Burns

Grade: Freshman

Running for: Treasurer

1. Why are you running?

“I’m running mostly to get my ideas out there and to create a fresh voice for the sophomore class. I would also love to help the sophomore student body to be the best possible class they can be.”

2. How do you believe you can help your grade?

“I can see myself really helping out the class in almost every way. I talk a lot, probably too much, and I would love to get people’s ideas across to the rest of the Student Council. I would really enjoy bringing topics that I am passionate about, meaning fundraisers and school events.”

3. What changes would you like to see in your grade?

“In our grade, we truly have issues getting out there. Everyone in high school is insecure about one thing or another, I am and most other people are. If I could help alleviate any of that anxiety from our student body then that would mean I did a job well done.”

4. Do you have experience with Student Council?

“I’ve been on Student Council for two years currently.”

5. What is the most gratifying part of being on Student Council?

“The most gratifying part of this all is definitely the end result, especially during Homecoming. We can see what we all came through, through all hardship, and look at the amazing work that we all did.”

6. Why should students vote for you?

“I think people should vote for me because I really want to help them, to help them walk through these rough years, and to make sure that these years are the most pleasant and least tumultuous times of their life.”


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