Student Council Q&A: Meredith VanSkiver

Student Council Q&A: Meredith VanSkiver

Name: Meredith VanSkiver

Grade: Junior

Running for: Student Council Board President

1. Why are you running?

“Student Council has been a constant throughout the entirety of my high school career. Over time, I have cultivated many skills and have gained much experience that I think has qualified me enough to lead the entire group next year.”

2. How do you believe you can help your grade?

“I’d like to help my grade step into our fullest potential as leaders of the school. Anyone can preach about competitiveness, but I’d like to encourage the class of 2020 to practice kindness.”

3. What changes would you like to see in your grade?

“I’d like to see my class come together and participate more and set good examples, but enjoy themselves while doing so.”

4. Do you have experience with Student Council?

“Yes. I’ve been involved ever since eighth grade. I was the treasurer my freshman and sophomore year, and this year I had the amazing opportunity to be the only junior on board where I was the secretary.”

5. What is the most gratifying part of being on Student Council?

“I think what Student Council is most known for around the school is Homecoming. While I do love that aspect, I think the fundraising and all the careful planning that goes with that is much more gratifying. It’s crazy to think that a room full of less than thirty kids can directly better people’s lives, and it’s even crazier to actually see with your own eyes the change that you’ve made.”

6. Why should students vote for you?

“If I weren’t running unopposed, I’d want students to vote for me because they trust and understand that I will carry out the thoughts of the greater student body throughout my actions.”


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