Improv Q&A: Megan Raisch

1. What bug are you?

“Beetle. I don’t know why. I wasn’t there for the bug discussion, and when I asked what bug I was, the unexplained response was ‘beetle.'”

2. What is your favorite improv game?

“Favorite improv game is COP INTERROGATION because you get to mercilessly scream at someone for doing an obnoxious and hilarious crime, and you get to use your body a lot and yell at the top of your lungs which is something I’m all for.”

3. Tell me a story…

“Pranav, Cole, and I got yelled at by mall security several times for ‘briskly walking’ through the mall and out in the parking lots. I think the true reason for the yelling was that we were all wearing capes and I had an obnoxious amount of Sephora sample makeup on my face.”

4. Why does the show start at 7:33? Why not 7:32? Or 7:34?

“[The] show starts at 7:33 because that is the exact time that the moon crosses its threshold into adulthood and enters the moon universe as an adult, finally worthy of the respect of other moons. So, we celebrate this with improv.”

5. If you were a fast-food chain, what would you be and why?

“I would be Chick-fil-a of course! I will always greet you with a smile and return your thanks with a cheery ‘my pleasure,’ even when I want to rip someone’s face off! Also, cows do a LOT of damage to the environment, and CFA believes you should ‘eat mor chiken.'”

6. What is your favorite Minecraft block?

“My favorite Minecraft block is glass because glass houses are the coolest way to go; creating dark buildings creates MOBS which will kill you, and I’m such a weakling when it comes to mobs. I will ‘run’ but literally scream the second a spider lunges at me or a creeper even LOOKS in my direction. Always build your house with glass.”

7. Why did you decide to join improv?

“I didn’t exactly decide to join improv. I didn’t even tell my parents I was auditioning because I didn’t think I was going to until that Wednesday morning. My friend asked me to go to auditions with her, and I thought, ‘heck, why not?’ Then, they released the cast list, and I was like ‘oh no, what do I tell the parentals?’ I don’t regret anything though.”

8. Give us your best car salesmen pitch for improv.

“Is life dry and dull and lifeless? Yeah? Well, NOT ANYMORE! Dry life? Remoisten it with the TEARS of your LAUGHTER. Dull? Sharpen it with the SHARP IMPROVISING MINDS OF IMPROV CENTRAL. Lifeless? Our comedy GIVES life. So, why would you not go? For a meager 6 dollars in room 103, and 7 [dollars] at the door, you could spend 3/50ths or 7/100ths of 100 bucks to experience the thrill of a lifetime! Don’t miss out. Tickets are on sale now.”

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