Olivia DiBenedetto

Name: Olivia Dibenedetto

Grade: 12

Role: Susanna Walcot

1. What part of being in the play makes you the most nervous?

“I think the part that makes me the most nervous is not meeting the expectations of the audience and the director have.”

2. How important is the crew to the success of the play?

“Oh, the crew is so important. Without the crew, we wouldn’t have any sound effects, lights, props might not be organized, [and] hair and makeup would be a mess; the crew is crucial for a good show!”

3. How does Mrs. DeMeester get the best out of you and the entire cast?

“[She gives] notes to us after every rehearsal, and if [she doesn’t] like how something is done, [she] might stop us and ask us to do it again.”

4. If you could switch roles with anyone for one performance, who would it be and why?

“I would love to give Elizabeth a shot! She is overlooked a lot I think because she is evil [like] some of the other characters, but I just think I’d enjoy portraying her emotions about her difficult situation.”

5. Who is the funniest person on the cast and why?

“I would say Fadi is pretty funny. This is his first production, as far as I know, and he adds a certain [type of] energy that I find enjoyable!”

6. How do you “get into character” before the play starts?

“During every rehearsal, we wear character shoes, so once we step into them, we essentially become our character.”

7. Whom would you like to thank for their support as opening night approaches?

“Ashley Kooistra, our director, has been very generous with her time and her leniency; she has done a great job directing us, and I hope she is proud of us!”

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