Alonah Spencer

Name: Alonah Spencer

Grade: 9

Role: Village Girl

1. What part of being in the play makes you the most nervous?   

“Well, there is always that fear of forgetting your line or not paying attention to another cast member’s line and messing up. I think that is my biggest fear.”

2. What family member is traveling the farthest to see you in the play? How far? Why are they coming?

 “I think my aunt who lives downtown would be the farthest, and she is coming to support me stepping out of my comfort zone.”

3. How important is the crew to the success of the play?

“The crew is a crucial part of the play because without them we would not look good and mold ourself entirely into out characters. Thank you crew.”

4. How does Mrs. DeMeester get the best out of you and the entire cast?

 “I think her energy and personality as a whole is such an attention grabber and gets you excited to be great at what you do.”

5. How many lines do you have, and how long did it take you to memorize them?

“I have 11 lines; they did not take that long to memorize because I’m just mimicking another character.”

6. Are you nervous about forgetting a line?

“No because I don’t have enough lines.”

7. What emotions do you think you’ll feel on opening night as the curtain opens?

“I will feel nervous and grateful I got the chance to be surrounded by all of these loving people.”

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