Top 5 Individual Performances

Rhosias Arius vs Cedar Springs

Playing in a combined Freshman and JV football game after some weird circumstances, sophomore Rhosias Arius played a very good game, scoring all three of the Rangers’ touchdowns. It started off with a 25-yard reception for the Rangers first score. After that, he had a 70-yard touchdown in which he flew by all of the Red Hawks’ defenders. He had one more touchdown at the end of the game to solidify a 25-16 win.

¨It felt great, to be honest. We were looking for a huge win from the last year when the JV got shut down,” Rhosias said. ¨I gave it all I had to win that game, and it felt amazing and almost unrealistic.”

Sammy Postlewait vs Cedar Springs

In a revenge game, the Rangers were up against a good Cedar Springs team. The Rangers played them earlier in the season and lost 6-1 with some key players were unable to play. Their best offensive player and senior leader, senior Sammy Postlewait, stepped up this game and took the leadership role as he scored 2 out of the 3 goals to propel them past the Red Hawks. They won 3-0 as the underdogs in a very intense game. 

¨It took a lot of hard work because the first time we played them, we lost badly 6-1. To turn around and end up beating them 3-0 was huge for us and our confidence heading into the rest of the season,¨ Sammy said.

Whitney Currie in OK Conference Meet

At the last conference meet for the cross country team, junior Whitney Currie took fourth place out of 106 runners with a time of 19:25.13. Through very rough conditions and a lot going against her, she was able to step up and overcome the odds. Her great effort and amazing time along with a few other placings gave her a position to be All-Conference.  

¨It was very rainy and muddy and in the last mile; I felt awful,”  Whitney said. “I learned to move on and accept that it’s ok to have a rough stretch in a race and to look forward to what I can do better.¨


Jonah Spates vs Northview

After the Rangers lost to Northview handily last year, there was a great amount of pressure on them this year. Junior Jonah Spates had his mindset right and had an outstanding game with six tackles and two interceptions on defense. He didn’t just do it all on defense though; Jonah had six catches for 121 yards and was nominated for MLive’s Grand Rapids Player of the Week, which is a huge accomplishment noting he is only a junior.

¨It felt good to see all my hard work pay off, but it felt better to beat them after last year,” Jonah said. “Being nominated for Player of the Week was awesome because neither of my brothers were able to do that, and they were very competitive.”

Tatum Otolski vs Lowell

In a loss to a very good team in Lowell, junior Tatum Otolski put forth an outstanding effort with 9 kills, putting them in a good position to win. She also had 16 attack attempts, scoring many of the Rangers’ points. She didn’t just do it all offensively; when it came to defense, she had 3 blocks,  which did not give Lowell a glimpse of an opportunity.

¨Everyone just worked really hard and did their job. I just did mine as I knew I could. In big games, I look at it as an opportunity to show your skills rather than be nervous,” Tatum said. “Playing teams like Lowell always helps me grow as a player because I have no choice but to play to the best of my ability. and I have to play smart.¨

Which was your best Individual Performance?


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