TCTs Students with Jobs series announcement

TCT’s Students with Jobs series announcement

School at FHC runs from 7:45 am to 2:45 pm, a long seven hours riddled with tests, homework, and studious students. Yet outside of this commitment—one that rivals the length of an adult job—some students extend their responsibilities beyond this with part-time jobs. According to Child Trends organization, 50% of people aged 16-24 were employed in 2018. While 16 is the commonly accepted age for jobs, a work permit granted by the school and employer allows for students to start work at 14 and 15. At these ages, students are working in school and at their jobs, which can range from food service to hospitality. Given the rigor of FHC, adding on these extra hours cannot be easy, yet some students continue on for a variety of reasons. And this month’s series is dedicated to exploring exactly that: students with jobs.

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